How to use ID cards for corporate brand building

Do you realise that employees are your best brand ambassadors? Your employees know your business better than anyone else and they can be your best advocates.

When your employees go out and meet other people, they are being your ambassadors, telling others about who you are and what type of business you run.

Businesses are now making use of ID cards as one of their best resources for corporate brand building. With your unique employees ID cards on their neck, with the branded lanyard, they are moving visiting cards for your business.

When employees go out for their lunch, or they go to attend a business event, with your unique ID cards, more people will start noticing your business. Some of your employees may even commute to the office and back home wearing your ID, where thousands of people may notice it.

It is time for corporate businesses to realise that ID cards are more than just methods of visual identification or allowing access to office premises. You need to add all colours and symbols of your business identity on the ID cards of employees.

Make sure you have the following on the ID cards of your employees for corporate brand building.

Colour – Gone are the days when one would use white background for the ID cards. The ID cards must use the colour of your brand’s identity. On seeing the ID cards, people must be able to relate to your business even without looking at the brand name or logo.

Lanyard – The lanyard of the ID card should match your brand colour and the colour of your identity card. Lanyards are part of the ID cards, and it should get along perfectly with the colour of the ID card.

Brand logo – The ID card should prominently show your brand logo. People can easily identify businesses on seeing the logo.

Brand name – Along with the logo, your brand name is your business’ best identity. The ID cards should significantly show your brand name.

Badge reels – Many employees use badge reels instead of lanyards for carrying their ID cards. It would be sensible for a business to introduce custom badge reels that reflect your brand’s identity so that employees can use them to wear their ID cards.

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